Nifty50 Outlook

Nifty50 outlook

Nifty – The Upward momentum intact unless.. let’s be straight and come to the facts. 1 – Nifty has strong support at 22200. This is the previous all-time high, The Support trendline drawn from lows of 24-1-24 coincides with this level too. 2 – RSI divergence is quite obvious but this is a case of […]

SBIN – The Leader of PSUs

SBIN.NSE, State Bank of India, one of the largest and leading PSU banks, has recently given a breakout on weekly and daily scales, indicating the current bullish run would have it as one of the leaders. The breakout above 621, Gap Up, Volumes, ADX, and all other variables indicate this to sustain in the coming […]

Nifty 50 – “Never Short a Dull Market”!

Nifty 50 Technical Analysis

The outlook on the Nifty 50 Index stands very straight with no BS. It is Bullish. The RSI – Momentum On the Daily timeframe, RSI is above the 80 mark. No, it’s not overbought; it indicates a thrust in the price action on the upside based on its recent AVG gains, which outweighed the average […]