Core Philosophy

We believe in providing a disciplined and systematic investment approach to our customers.

We are committed to a disciplined and systematic investment approach. Trends persist in markets which can be exploited based on time tested methods. At Finversify, we develop Investing and trading methodologies which are evidence based and refined over many years across different phases of markets.

Scientific Research

All our Investing and trading strategies are developed using scientific methods.

We believe in continuous learning. We apply scientific methods on Fundamental and Price Data with the objective of Alpha Generation. Our Research team comprises of CFAs, CMTs with combined experience of over thirty years in the markets. We leverage technology to test the most complex and simplest ideas that can generate better returns for our customers.


Our Strategies are fully systematic and performance driven.

Currently we are offering OPEM (Outperforming Equity Momentum) and Shariah FIN10 which are Long Only Equity strategies covering NSE500 universe.

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Finversify is a SEBI Registered (INH 200008608) Research Analyst Firm based in Hyderabad

We aim at creating a diversified portfolio that delivers sustainable income and long term value creation for our customers. We are founded by well- established professionals who have over decades of experience in various fields of Capital Markets. The founding members hold the gold-standard charters in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis such as CFA and CMT.

In today’s world, we are all overwhelmed by information. It is hard to make sense out of it and arrive at a sensible decision when it comes to investing. We offer the advantage of Diversification and a Rule-based investment approach to our customers. Diversification along with systematic rules can withstand different phases of markets such as booms, bubbles, bursts, wars and stagnation.

Living a Confident Life

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Data Driven, Systematic and Rule Based Approach

We believe in harnessing the power of data, Company data to create our own universe of stocks and Price data – OHLC to identify emerging trends in the capital market. Our Rule based approach tested over historical data helps us achieving better returns in various phases of market.

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#Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the year.

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