FinCom is our signature product where we diversify our universe to Commodities and Agri based-Commodities which are traded in NCDEX and MCX. This space provides unique opportunities to diversify and reap excess returns. The ideas will be based on factors such as Supply/Demand, Production and Seasonality, and Technical Analysis parameters that will give us a sweet spot to capture a profitable opportunity. This product is recommended to traders/investors who can take advantage of non-correlated assets and earn higher returns with reduced risk.

Salient Features

  • 3 – 4 research recommendations with a minimum reward risk of 1:1.5. (Minimum 1 lots)
  • Long/Short Trades Targets will always be on the higher side of 5000 INR Per lot
  • Universe – MCX and NCDEX
  • Sub Universe – Energy, Precious Metals, Metals, Grains, Spices and Oil Complex
  • Focus – Swing/T+2
  • Holding duration will be minimum one day.
  •  Maximum Open Positions – 3
  •  Follow-up messages, Updates and Stop-losses will be trailed to secure maximum return.

Pricing Guide

FinCom (MCX/Ncdex)10349/-
Save 23% Rs. 115 Per Day
Save 33% Rs. 100 per Day
Save 40% Rs 90 Per Day

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