Index Futures

The most liquid instrument in Futures are Index Futures. Index Future represent the overall sentiment of its component or its sector and it is seen as one of the barometers of economy in the Financial markets.

Index Options

This Product is based on the Idea of Execution of Signals Derived in underlying Indices such as as Nifty, Banknifty and Finnifty.

Stock Options

Derivatives Stock Options This product is for options trader focused on harnessing leverage with strict risk management. Stock options analysis is done on the underlying security and then same is shared as analysis using ATM/ITM strikes to replicate the underlying instrument.  Salient Features This Product is based on the Idea of Execution of Signals Derived […]


FinCom is our signature product where we diversify our universe to Commodities and Agri based-Commodities which are traded in NCDEX and MCX. This space provides unique opportunities to diversify and reap excess returns.

Derivatives – Stock Futures

This is a step ahead in our research analysis. It is a premium product where we shift our universe to NSE F&O and focusing on Liquid Futures contract available to trade.

Equity Cash – Short Term Momentum

Equity Cash – Short Term Momentum
STEM is based on the Idea of “Momentum Persists”. The Universe for this product is NSE CNX 500 and is completely rule-based in approach. The idea is to capture the momentum in a short term (10 – 25 Days) along with other technical parameters that we inculcate in our method. We use Fundamental parameters that filter out stocks and based on technical parameters the Stock will be picked. The idea will be shared across as a detailed analysis report and via other modes of communications with our clients.