Why must your Analyst be SEBI Registered?

Having a SEBI-registered analyst is crucial for several reasons: In summary, having a SEBI-registered analyst ensures regulatory compliance, promotes investor protection, enhances market credibility, and contributes to ethical and transparent practices within India’s financial markets. It’s a critical step toward ensuring professionalism, credibility, and trust in financial advice and recommendations provided to investors.

Can short-term trading generate income?

Yes, short-term trading has the potential to generate income, but it comes with both opportunities and risks. Short-term trading involves buying and selling financial instruments within a relatively brief period to profit from short-lived market movements. Traders employing this strategy often focus on capturing quick price fluctuations, leveraging volatility to generate income. The advantages of […]

What is Short term Trading?

Short-term investing is a strategy wherein individuals seek to capitalize on market opportunities over a brief period. Unlike long-term investments that focus on assets held for years or decades, short-term investing involves a more active approach, aiming for quick profits within a shorter time frame, often spanning from days to a few months. In short-term […]