Outperformer Equity


Outperformer Equity

OPEM is a step ahead in our research analysis. It is a premium product where we will expand our universe to sector specific trends within CNX500. The Idea is to capture trends that are likely to play out in specific sectors and identify Equities that are going to outperform. The CNX500 universe is scanned with various fundamental parameters along with technical analysis parameters. Sectors and Industry analysis is done to identify these outperformers with strict risk management.

Salient Features

  • Momentum Stock picks cherry picked based on exhaustive parameters including both, Technical and Fundamental.
  • 8 to 10 Picks with a minimum reward risk of 1:1.5 in a month
  • The Momentum picks Targets will always be on the higher side of 8 – 10%
  • Universe – NSE500
  • Holding duration will be minimum 2 – 6 weeks
  • Maximum Open Positions – 4
  • Follow-up messages, Updates and Stop-losses will be trailed to secure maximum return.

Pricing Guide

Service Quarterly Half-Yearly Yearly
STEM Equity 19800.00 39600.00 79200

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