Intraday Equity Momentum V 2.0

InteM v2.0

Intraday Equity Momentum V2

Intraday Equity Momentum V2.0 is based on the idea of capturing intraday breakout in stocks based on proven methods of ORB, Narrow Range breakout, inside days and such concepts applied systematically to stock prices.
The opportunities presented with our technical filters will be further analysed based on risk reward and liquidity and will be shared with subscribers.

This is advanced version where we try to efficiently play the intraday moves in stock aiming for higher rewards along with strict Stops. 

Salient Features

  • Stocks will be filtered based on Technical analysis tools such as ORB, NR and IB.
  • 2 – 3 Picks with a minimum reward risk of 1:1.5.
  • The Momentum picks Targets will always be on the higher side and as per market conditions
  • Universe – NSE500
  • Holding duration will be T+1
  • Maximum Open Positions – 2
  • Follow-up messages, Updates and Stop-losses will be trailed to secure maximum return.

Pricing Guide

Intraday Equity V2.030000.0075000.00

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